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school of Hapkido 합기도

Hapkido is a combative martial art system with traditions stretching back to the samurai of feudal Japan; in more modern times, it is part of the military and secret service of South Korea. “HAP” means to harmonize or to blend with; “KI” means energy; and “DO” means the way. So, a typical translation may be something like “the way of harmonizing energy”. What does this mean?

Hapkido is not a fighting style, it is a system of martial and philosophical principles. It is a way of training and a way of integrating its principles into one’s person so that it may be useful at all times and useful in all matters. The goal of Hapkido is self-perfection and self-protection.


The physical side of this self-protection in Hapkido is the infliction of sophisticated violence against criminal attack. When avoidance or escape from the attack is not viable, Hapkido employs the use of strikes, throws, locks, and limb control along with weapon-removal and weapon-retention. The goal of Hapkido in application is not to fight, but to immediately neutralise the threat that is conducting non-consensual, criminal violence.



School of
Teukgong moosul 특공무술

Teukgong moosul's literal translation is "Special forces martial art" fashoined in large part out of hapkido (with a hapkido black belt as a prerequisite requirment.) teukgong moosul was created and utilized by the south korean milatry in 1978 for more specific close quarters combat. it is a focused study of close quarters violence with hand to hand and weapon integration. it is military grade combatives repurposed for civillian use in self protection. TKMS diviates from hapkido mostly in its more aggressive and direct finishes. TKMS was fundimentally designed with the aim to defeat terrorists so it assumes the oponnent is combat trained. 


School of
Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutu
大東流 合気柔術

in ancient japan there was a warrior class known as the samurai. the samurai created a system of combat that they later refined through 500 years of perpetual warfare. they called this system jujutsu. Daitō-ryū (also known as simply Aiki-jūjutsu) is mostly considered to be a fighting style created by the Seiwa Minamoto clan, and handed down from generation to generation. a history going back more than 900 years. daito ryu is whats know as a "koryu" or "oldschool" martial arts meaning before the meiji era when much of the combative elements of martial arts was removed. the father to more modern systems like Aikido & Hapkido, Daito ryu is a real treasure and a physical journey through living history.


About Us

Ignis Martial arts is a martial arts academy focused on the classical combative arts with modern day applications. Martial arts serve as a form of raw material for a multitude of applications. if you wish to build something you need something to make it out of. martial arts systems are a way to build, maintain and organise skills. applications are the sub- skills that are built out of that material.  

this includes things like 

  • conflict resolution

  • self protection

  • defence of a third party

  • multiple threat management

  • weaponry: use, disarm & retention

  • arrest, detention & removal

  • general fight essentials

For this task we draw from the classical arts. we teach and formaly grade students in the korean military art of Hapkido and the japanese samurai combat system of jujutsu as their foundational core. much of our martial skills and applicational knowledge has also been aquired from real world expirience over the years. from military, law enforcement, bodyguarding and security operators. 

we aim at balancing the enjoyment of art, Culture, Rich history and tradition with functional utility for real life. it's through the classical study that we observe the traditional ethics and values of budo culture and philosophy. one cannot ethically study violence with out morality, martial arts divorced from moral virtue serves only make a bad man more dangerous.

martial arts is a great form of personal development. its a lot of fun and you can make a lot of great firends like no other.

ignis is about Art, Culture, Self-perfection & Self protection     

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We run 4 classes per week

(Adults over 13) 


tuesday - 7:30pm - 9:00 pm, 

Wednesday - 7:30pm - 9:00 pm,

friday - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday - 10am - 11:30 am


(KIDS) 6 - 12


Tuesday - 6:00 - 7:00

Wednesday - 6:00 - 7:00


first 2 classes free

$25 Per Class

Class-by-class casual basis, book and pay online via the online system we employ. 

$75 Grading Fee

This applies with the exception of Black belt and Dan gradings where prices may vary.


We offer different subscription packages that are also available to book and pay online via our online system.

(To access the packages - click on "Book Online", choose "Okami Class", and follow the prompts to buy a pricing package or pay for a single class).


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